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Hi, My name is Waqas Ch and i’m a computer instructor in Vocational Training Institute Noor Shah, Although with this i’m a freelancer, my field of expertise in Web Development, SEO, Office Work(Word, Excel, Powerpoint). you can search my profile on google just writing  “Instructor Waqas Ch“. i’m on top listed in google search web ranking and images ranking.



SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services in Sahiwal

1. On-page SEO

2. Off-Page SEO

3. Technical SEO

Web Develpment Service In Sahiwal

1. WordPress Web Design and Development

2. HTML, CSS, Java Script, JQuery

3. CMS (WordPress and Custom)

 Office Work

1. Data Entry (Excel, Google Sheets)

2. Powerpoint Presentation & Prezi

3. Resume and Thesis Writing



Waqas Ch
Wordpress Website by waqaschaudhry.com
SEO by waqaschaudhry.com
Powerpoint Presentation by waqaschaudhry.com
Resume Writing and Cover Letter by waqaschaudhry.com
Prezi Presentation by waqaschaudhry.com
Error 404 fix by waqaschaudhry.com

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